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Sametime Demo Server upgraded to Sametime 7.5.1

Image:Sametime Demo Server upgraded to Sametime 7.5.1

The Sametime Demo server at was upgraded to Sametime 7.5.1 earlier this evening.  I just ran a test meeting, and everything looks great!  All user IDs and scheduled meetings were maintained, so you should be able to continue using the system as you have been.  (In fact, it looks like there are... 21 users online as I write this at 9:45 pm ET.)

And of course, if you haven't tried out the latest version of Sametime yet, or maybe have been anxious to try out the Mac client (known issues and all), or want to see the new 7.5/7.5.1 Web conferencing experience for yourself, now's your chance to head on over and give it a shot.

As always, many thanks to Janet and the entire Demonet team on keeping this server running and up to date.  Oh, and the elapsed time from when I got the "the server is being taken offline to be upgraded" alert to the "upgrade complete!" e-mail?  Less than 2 1/2 hours.

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