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Rob Ashe Keynote: Analytics and Performance Management

Live blogging the Analytics and Performance Management keynote.  Apologies for any typos and loose thoughts for now - I"ll look to come back and clean up in a bit.

Rob Ashe - Analytics and Performance Management - reflect the addition of SPSS to the portfolio.

The organizations that have a bettef forward view - a better view of the future - were the ones that outperformed their peers by 15 to 1.

Democratization of analytics - not just for analysts in the back room.  It's going to mean content, ease of use, giving people info in context that are comfortable with - might be search, might be rows and columns.

Business Analytics, Business Intelligence is coming in as the #1 concern of CIOs.  83% said this was top initiative in organizations.

Entry points to an information-led transformation

  •  Plan an information agenda
  • Apply business analytics to optimize decisions
  • Establish a flexible information platform

Looking in more detail at the business analytics
  • Advanced Analytics
  • IT/Busines Balance
  • Social Computing
  • Text and Unstructured
  • Cloud
  • Know How

We're delivering on all of these fronts.

Deepak Advani - SPSS
"We've got really cool technology"

This morning everyone kept talking about outcomes, don't want to be reactive, want to be predictive.  

Customer - Bill Dibble, Senior Vice President from Infinity Insurance & Property Casualty Corporation
Signed contract July '07, went live January '08.  403% return saw in three months with SPSS product.  As SVP claim operation, wanted to make data usable to underwriting and other areas.  Wanted to own the data, use the data for other purposes.  

One of first things was knowledge in helping develop rules sets.  Not just analyzing fraud and subrogation, but getting claims into hands of proper specialist.  Helps get it into the right hands.  The quicker that could move claim that doesn't have fraudulent characteristics lets them be ahead of competition.

Goal - make predictive analytics pervasive - not just for business analysts.  Make it customizable, flexible.  The ability to insert predictive analytics is where we're headed.  Web based and simple.

Richmond police reduced murder by 30% and rape cases by 20% in 12 months.  Cablecom reduced churn from 19% to 2% by identifying experiences early on in the customer lifecycle that caused dissatisfaction.  53% of formerly dissatisfied customers become promoters for the company.

Demo of Cognos Content Analytics.  Example where crawled and loaded into content analytics over 350,000 forms.  Clickable graphical UI.  Can use facets to modify what are looking at (e.g., device information, date added).  Tabs that look at things like time series, deviations, trends.  Can change scale or dive deeper into a particular column or filter results over time.  Can sort by noun, verb phrases... So can see a correlation between the words "failure" and "battery" mentioned in a single form (as opposed to having those forms specifically identified with those errors), and zoom in on which brand, which manufacturer, and identify exactly where the potential problem might be

Demo - Go! Dashboard - Sales Analysis Dashboard

Web-based dashboard - filter, zoom in on data are looking for, updating multiple charts at once.  Can easily change display type (stacked area chart instead of bar chart).  Can look at performance by region on a map, and then drill into greater detail.

Key themes:  Open and heterogeneous

Performance Management for use with SAP
  • No restrictions - embrace all data... use everywhere
  • No waiting - immediately enhance enterprise decision making
  • No limitations - Extend SAP data across the entire enterprise

Announced today - new analytics solutions

Demo - Sales Analytics.  Can drill into findings and reports on item analysis, customer analysis, channel analysis.  For example, can see that last stage of sales cycle this quarter is down over previous quarters, so may want to investigate that further.  Another eport - sales segmentation.  Can then drill further into a particular product or segment or channel to see where the problem really is.