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Results from the Sametime Quiz

Ed Note:  You're not supposed to be reading this unless you clickedon the link on the other "Results from the Sametime Quiz" post.  But you probably are seeing this anyway.  Technical difficulties and all that.  If you haven't taken the quiz yet, no cheating... take it first :)

I was just looking through the results of the Lotus Sametime Quiz, and it looks like I need to make the next one easier :)  

Of the 103 responses so far, only 12 people scored a 70% or better.

If you haven't taken the quiz, you can continue to do so here.  

What really seemed to trip people up were the version number questions - in general, the features have been available earlier than people thought.

For example, IM integration was first available in Lotus Notes 5.0.2.  (OK, I'll admit this was a bit of a trick question, as the instant messaging entitlement came with Lotus Notes 6.5.1)

Image:Results from the Sametime Quiz

I also thought it was interesting that we introduced the "who is here" capability much earlier than people thought.  (And I do want to say that I did know the right answer when I took the quiz myself - I wanted to see whether it would show me the right answer immediately when I got something wrong.  Really.)

Image:Results from the Sametime Quiz

And we actually first introduced telephony integration back with Lotus Sametime 6.5.1 (OK, Lotus IMWC 6.5.1).

Image:Results from the Sametime Quiz