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RedMonk’s Stephen O’Grady on information-led transformation

Stephen O'Grady from RedMonk was out at IOD 2009 last week, and posted an interesting juxtaposition between Steve Mills' IOD 2009 keynote and Nate Silver's incredibly accurate baseball and political modeling (with regrets to all the Red Sox fans out there).  

The central assertion of the post is that "[w]hat’s different these days is that we have exponentially more numbers than we did before, better tools to attack them, and an understanding that if you aren’t using the numbers to improve your business – every aspect of it – your competitors will."

When IBM’s head of Software Group Steve Mills talks, it’s usually in the vernacular of enterprise businesses, with a message tailored at same. Which makes sense; speaking in a language your customers understand is good business, and IBM’s been doing pretty well for itself recently. But one of his Monday comments at this week’s Information On Demand show in Las Vegas should, I think, be fairly universally appreciated. So much so that I’m inclined to believe that even Silver, whose business is a fair distance removed from enterprise software, would subscribe.

He said, in part, “that we’re moving into yet another wave of transformation.” More specifically, that “we’ve been living in a decade of process led transformation, and that we’re moving into an era of information led transformation.” Translated, the time of data driven decision making is at hand.

Link:  IOD 2009: What Do Steve Mills and Nate Silver Have in Common?