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Recording of Open Mic call with Lotus Development and Support

The Lotus Support team has posted for download recordings of the Open Mic calls held recently regarding Lotus Sametime 7.5.1 with Lotus Development and Support.  If you couldn't make one of the sessions and want to see if someone else might have asked the same question, check out the link below to download mp3 recordings of the calls and for a list of questions asked.  You can also check out the Lotus Support blog, where they answered a number of additional questions in the comments field.  (And of course, my thanks for Lotus Support and our development team for holding these calls!)

Link:  Recording of 6/27/07 Open Mic call on Sametime 7.5.1
Link:  Lotus Support Blog

The Open Mic conference calls with Lotus Development and Support Engineers to discuss Sametime 7.5.1 migration (previously blogged about here) were recorded.  Links to the recorded sessions are now available.

Document #1264462 includes:
  • a link to download the recordings
  • an index of the recording
  • a summary of the questions asked