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Real-Time Collaboration Gateway availability

There have been a few posts lately (here and here, for example) about the fact that the Real-Time Collaboration Gateway will be available after Sametime 7.5 ships, rather than at the same time.  It was actually surprising to me to see this presented as "news," since we've been communicating to customers, I want to say at least since Lotusphere (if not earlier), that the gateway would be shipping a little after Sametime 7.5.  Obviously, though, that message wasn't universally communicated, and so I'm sorry for any confusion in that regards.  (See, that's what I get for not having started to blog earlier.)

In looking through old presentations to try to identify exactly when it was determined that the gateway would ship after Sametime 7.5 (which I wasn't able to find - again, I think it was the booked plan from day 1), I did come across some other details from the early planning stages.

For example, we had originally planned a beta program to include 20 companies and offer them 1 beta drop, with no publicly accessible beta.  In the end we had 120 managed beta participants, and I know there were many, many more participants that we would have loved to include.  We made Sametime 7.5 beta code available on a demo server so people not in the managed beta program would still be able to get an early look at the client. We have had 4 beta drops (so far), instead of the 1 originally planned.

Another area we've been able to expand beyond original plans is in language support.  Sametime 7.5 was originally planned to support the 17 languages that Sametime 7.0 supported.  Our development and translation teams were able to add in 5 other languages along the way -  Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Turkish.  All languages will ship concurrently with Sametime 7.5.

So again - sorry for any confusion regarding the gateway, but hopefully you'll find that it's worth the (short) wait.