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Radicati Group Messaging & Collaboration Survey

Since I'm on the Radicati Group mailing list, I received my invitation to participate in their 2006 Messaging & Collaboration Survey.  I am not personally involved in my organization's messaging environment or procurement plans, of course, so haven't responded, but if you do play such a role, here's where to go should you want to participate.

I did take a stroll through the survey, and found it surprising (well, OK, maybe not that surprising) that they were still asking specific questions for Lotus customers about any plans to deploy Workplace Messaging, along with my favorite of the multiple-choice answers to Question 26 (What is your messaging plan?): "Stick with Domino for as long as possible."  At least they're being consistent with previous years, I guess.  

No such questions for Exchange customers about their plans to upgrade to Exchange 12 or whether they would be seeking alternatives.  

And so it goes.