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Princess Cruises Sails With IBM InfoSphere Software

I always like reading about the impact that our software can have on a business.  Case in point:  Princess Cruises, which has seen some pretty impressive results from their deployment of InfoSphere Warehouse and DB2, reducing processing times from 10 hours to 10 minutes and reducing physical storage capacity by 70% (emphasis mine).

Complementing its consumer marketing campaign, Princess Cruises will use InfoSphere Warehouse to analyze data to determine which marketing tactics were the most and least successful in drawing passengers to its 17 ships.

"We chose InfoSphere Warehouse because it was compatible with our existing infrastructure, and we believe its proven high performance will provide some added tools to help us evaluate our marketing and management tactics," said Lou Fournier, Vice President, information systems technology for Princess Cruises. "InfoSphere also addresses IT requirements to ensure the most critical applications. For instance, processing that once took 10 hours, will now take only 10 minutes. In addition, the software's DB2 deep compression capability can drastically reduce the amount of physical storage capacity by 70%."

Here's a link to the press release on MarketWatch.  I'll update this post with any additional press coverage.