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Preview of Lotus Sametime 8.0.1

In the very near future (e.g. possibly tomorrow, if not shortly thereafter), we should be releasing Lotus Sametime 8.0.1.  (It looks like the system requirements have already been posted.)  

***Update - As of 4/25, Sametime 8.0.1 is available for download ***

While the main focus is as a maintenance release, there are some new capabilities that we'll be introducing.  I'm calling the list below a "preview" (and subject to change as the final readme doc with all the details gets finalized), but this should give you a pretty good indication of what is coming in Sametime 8.0.1.
Citrix support

  • The Lotus Sametime Connect 8.0.1 client is now supported on the Citrix Presentation Server (4.5) environment.  For details on performance and sizing, please see the technote on that topic.
  • Please note that there are some Lotus Sametime features that are not going to be available from the Citrix environment due to the virtualization approach:  Voice/Video chat, geographic location, screen capture, Web API QuickFind, and Microsoft Office integration

Lotus Sametime Web conferencing enhancements
New higher quality audio codec in meetings
  • A new, higher-quality codec (GIPS iSAC ( is now available for embedded audio inside of the Web conference. (And on a personal note, I've heard very positive feedback from folks inside IBM that have been beta-testing the improved audio!)
Push to Talk
  • Push to talk provides a mode where everyone who joins the Web conference is muted other than the speaker.  Each participant must push (and hold, or lock) a button in order to speak. The moderator can revert to "all live mics" or "request mic" mode as necessary.
Show who's speaking enhancements
  • The existing "Show Who's Speaking" feature has been enhanced to include a recent speakers option.  This option allows sorting of the participants by the people that are talking.  The list displays the person speaking, plus up to 5 recent speakers.
AppShare on multiple monitors
  • Lotus Sametime Web conferencing hosts with multiple monitors can choose which monitor to share with others in the meeting.  (See below for a screenshot)
Remove user from meeting
  • The Remove User feature allows the moderator to remove a participant from a meeting.

Contact List Updates via AdminP Tool
  • The Domino Admin Process (AdminP) tool can be used to update the Lotus Sametime contact list information whenever a change is made in the Domino Directory.  (Yes, this addresses what has been one of  the most frequently-requested Sametime items in IdeaJam.)
  • Please note that at this time this is only supported on the Windows platform.  We will make every effort to make this available on other platforms in upcoming releases.

Sametime Connect Web API Toolkit
  • This new API toolkit provides Web developers with a new method to Sametime-enable their Web pages and applications by proxying the functionality of the locally running Lotus Sametime client (managing contacts, starting chats, presence status).  Actions taken on the web page will launch the features of the full Lotus Sametime Connect client.  This new API does not replace the existing Sametime Links APIs, but instead provides an alternative that can provide a more seamless integration for people that are running the Lotus Sametime Connect client.

SIP NAT support for Lotus Sametime Gateway
  • When using Lotus Sametime Gateway, you can now make a SIP path that is TLS/SSL encrypted work with NAT devices.

Kiosk mode
  • When operating as a kiosk terminal, it is no longer necessary to select "Reset user;" users can just log out and log back in with their ID.

Here's a screenshot of the multi-monitor support that's coming:
Image:Preview of Lotus Sametime 8.0.1