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Persistant Chat: Twitter for the enterprise?

Stu Downes posted something that I've actually been thinking about lately myself, namely what kind of similarities are there between persistent group chat (like we have coming out with Lotus Sametime Advanced) and the way people are using Twitter.

From my perspective the importance of the IBM announcement is that it is linked with the concept of persistent chat for communities.  This is the most powerful thing that an IM solution can offer today in my opinion.  Twitter for the enterprise? I'm not sure it is but I still think it will be a very powerful tool in the armory....  

Twitter and other tools are filling the gap today but are they truly secure?  I don't share sensitive information through twitter but I'd like a tool which I can use for that purpose.  But just how important is twitter - important enough for myself and colleagues to never forget to log in to twitter but sometimes forget to log in to sametime!

Overlooking that comment about forgetting to log into Sametime for a moment :) , Stu brings up a good point.  While I don't know that I'd be posting to a persistent chat that I'm heading out for a calzone for lunch, the types of short, occasional updates on activities, meetings, our availability are things that are very valuable in an intra-team setting, and similar to Twitter, it allows you to follow the thread of the conversation without having to be signed in all the time.

Yes, there are many differences in approach, but I think the similarities are important, too.