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PCW Review: "It’s good to talk, and even easier with Lotus Sametime 7.5"

Personal Computer World in the UK reviewed Sametime 7.5 and has given it 4-stars.


Pros: Secure IM client with rich text and emoticons; VoIP integration; optional gateway to public IM services; extensible plug-in architecture; presence support
Still dependent on Lotus Domino at present
A solid platform for secure instant messaging and web conferencing with benefits for small as well as larger companies

Of course, I, and I'm guessing most of you, would not really consider "still dependent on Lotus Domino" as a con, for a variety of reasons.  In addition, we have always seen and continue to see interest for Sametime from companies that use Exchange for e-mail, and expect that interest to only increase as we roll out integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office early next year.  (Integration that's been available for some time from folks like Instant Technologies, for that matter.)

There are also a few updates we're asking the author to make - specifically to correct the statement at the end that says that the Linux server version of Sametime will not require Domino (the Linux server will run on Domino), and also to clarify that no additional licensing is required for the underlying Domino infrastructure (the way the article is worded, it's possible someone might read it that way), and that the Mac client for Sametime 7.5 will be out early next year.