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Parenting Surprise #167

Watching your 5 year old son playing "house" with the little girl down the street - kinda cute.

Hearing your 5 year old son tell the little girl down the street "Hey, now let's play teenager" - just a little disconcerting.

OK - they're still 5.  They were actually playing firefighters (complete with the home-made oxygen tanks we made out of cardboard boxes and string this morning - thankfully they have good imaginations, because my arts and crafts skills have atrophied since my summer camp days, and I wasn't exactly taking home any blue ribbons back then).  I'm still not sure why they had to be teenage firefighters, but it seemed to be important to them.

Regardless, it was still better than Parenting Surprise #168, which was walking into the family room later in the day and discovering our 2 year old drawing on the carpet in magic marker.  (Fortunately, between the Scotchguard and some magic combination of Oxyclean and Resolve, it seems to have come out - or at least it is sufficiently blending into the rest of the carpet.)