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Packing my bags for the Sametime launch

I've fallen behind on my blogging.  Again.  It'll have to wait for the plane tomorrow, though.

Right now, I'm logging off and going to pack my bags for the Sametime launch kickoff in New York City on Wednesday.  (Of course, you don't have to pack your bags at all to catch the webcast).

Having gotten a sneak peek at what's planned for the demos, I'm really looking forward to seeing (and showing) Sametime in action at the event (well, for so many more reasons than just that, of course).  I'm also really looking forward to walking around the showcase to see all the Business Partners who will be there in support of the launch (and once again, no travel required - most if not all are already listed on the Sametime Virtual Partner Showcase, with demos, data sheets, and more already available - and with many more partners to come).

Only two more days - register now!