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Osterman Research: Web Conferencing Usage

In his Unified Communications Alert Newsletter published on the Network World site, Michael Osterman reports on some of the recent findings related to Web conferencing from their end user survey.

  • 85% of enterprise users have participated in a Web conference during the past year, while 66% of users in smaller organizations have done so.
  • We also asked about the use of social networking tools, consumer instant messaging (IM) and enterprise-grade IM in this survey -- Web conferencing tools are more commonly used than all of these.

He calls out IBM Lotus Sametime, among others, as one of the drivers of the growth in this market, and then wraps things up projecting further growth in the usage of Web conferencing tools:

The bottom line is that Web conferencing tools are commonly used for broadcast types of communications, such as Webinars, but will be increasingly used for one-to-one and one-to-few communications for events like ad hoc meetings or sales calls. A slowing economy will make these tools even more attractive given that they can reduce travel requirements significantly.

Link:  Web conferencing tools gain attraction