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Online Community Action Day is getting closer

There's just one more day until the Online Community Action Day.  Help show the strength of your community by giving a little back (and it doesn't take anything more than a little tapping on the keyboard).

I wanted to say a quick thank you to some of the folks that are helping to spread the word about the Community Action Day.  (And I'm sorry if I'm missing anyone - I'm actually writing this from the past, as I'm off for a few days for Rosh Hashanah - that's what I get for not paying closer attention to my calendar when scheduling things.)  

Willie Favero, Terry Frangos, Conor O'Mahony and Susan Visser all wrote about the Community Action Day (and Susan provided an additional challenge - can we get membership to ChannelDB2 to break 600 members by the end of the week?).  Peggy Zagelow also provided a good summary of what we're trying to accomplish here:

Say, for example, if you attended a talk at a conference, and you gained a lot of useful knowledge from it, and then found your self face-to-face with the speaker right afterwards, you'd say "thanks, I learned a lot from your talk". And if you were sitting at lunch and someone said "Do you know anyone here who can help me with an SQL issue", you'd point them across the room to where your favorite SQL expert sat. Or, you'd do your best to answer the SQL issue yourself.

What we're thinking is that perhaps if we picked a day and asked everyone to speak up in just one small way, we might get some folks more comfortable with participating online, and everyone would benefit - make some contacts, get some questions answered, reconnect with someone you met in person, etc.

So thank you to everyone who's helping to spread the word, and thanks in advance to everyone for participating.  I can't wait to see all of the posts and comments when I get back online Wednesday night!