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One year blogiversary

Today marks my one year blogiversary.  Like I said when I hit the 1 month mark, I figured that either I'd hit a wall pretty quickly or manage to keep it up, and by and large I think I've done the latter.  While I did hit a few dry spells, I think 275 posts is certainly respectable, and based on that experience I do not forsee dropping off all together.  

The hardest part has been just finding the time.  If it comes down to 15 minutes to post a blog vs. 15 minutes of getting my job done or 15 minutes with the family, blogging's been harder and harder to prioritize lately.  I need to remember that posts don't need to be long.  (The hard part is I don't just want to wind up doing "did you see this..." posts, but I need to remember that within reason it's perfectly acceptable, and better than not posting something of interest at all just because I don't have time to go into greater detail on my own take on things.

Some other random thoughts on a year of blogging:

  • I've found this blog to be essential to sharing news (and frequently the details behind the news) - things like new demos, trial code, explanation on the Sametime Gateway or Mac clients (at least for those of you actually following the blog for that type of information).
  • I've found the experience of blogging in general to be very positive both personally and professionally.
  • One of the things I had intended all along - and still strive to do - is to get more balance on this blog so that it's not so 100% Sametime focused.  (And as I think I've mentioned before, I'm not trying to do less Sametime-related blogging, just more of everything else.
  • Short posts are OK
  • Having a blog can be a great shortcut for finding important information.  I'm actually surprised how often I go back to my own blog to look up when we introduced a trial or for links to press articles.

Well, back to the day job.  Another year of posts starts tomorrow.

short posts...
short posts...
short posts..