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One word? Analytics

This piece by Marketplace's Bob Moon highlights what's top of mind for IBM's new CEO, Ginni Rometty (and it should be a familiar theme for those of you that read this blog regularly).

Bob Moon: If Virginia Rometty had just one word for you about the next big thing, it might sound a bit reminiscent of that famous scene from "The Graduate."

"The Graduate" clip:
Just one word. Yes, sir? Are you listening? Yes I am. Plastics.

That is so 1960s. Just ask IBM's incoming chief what she's focusing on. Are you listening?

Virginia Rometty:

Yep. Virginia Rometty sees a bright future for her company in... analytics.

The story goes on to quote from industry analysts Bobby Cameron and Rob Enderle describing just what this "Analytics" business is and why it's so important.  Watson makes a cameo appearance, too.

 IBM's new CEO sees gold in data mining