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One month blogiversary

Senior Netizens

Well, that went fast.  I don't plan to dwell too much on having reached this rather small milestone (nor do I plan to call out future ones), but I am pleased that one month and 42 posts later (42 - hmmm, curious) I've managed to keep things going here.  Of course it's not like I got into this planning to fall off the blogging wagon or anything, but things have been just a bit on the hectic side both at work and at home, and so I really didn't know just how well I'd be able to keep things balanced out on the blog side of things. There are certainly more posts that I've wanted to write that I haven't had the chance to get down yet, but I'll try to continue working away at that, as well.

I'm also still working through the whole business/personal blog thing, as well.  For example, I got pinged this morning about my Sametime on the Mac post, with a well meaning (and certainly helpful) comment that they would have expected something a little less sterile sounding on my blog (vs. what you might see posted on, say).  And that's something I'm striving for, and hopefully will get better at going forward.  The hard part is that, while this is a personal blog, anything I say can still be reposted, quoted, etc. with the tagline "said the Offering Manager for Sametime."  And so I'll apologize in advance if I end up holding back more rather than oversharing - again, I'm still learning where that balance point is.  What I can promise is to be honest and authentic about what I do share, and to always be open to feedback and discussion about what's going on with Sametime, Lotus, IBM, or anywhere else.  As for the Mac story - there really isn't much more to share.  It's not a conspiracy, it's not that we don't like the Mac, and it's not that we don't know how to build clients for the Mac.  We just need some more time to deliver the quality, full-featured product we want and you're all expecting.  (And yes, Volker, iChat certainly sets a high bar - but let's see what we can do.)