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NY Times: Why Big Data Is I.B.M.’s Friend

The Bits blog in today's NY Times highlights some important news on Big Data that IBM is sharing today while also describing why Big Data is so important to the businesses that IBM works with (and why IBM in turn is putting so much investment into related technology.)

Case in point: I.B.M. just announced a series of technologies intended to make data analysis faster and more powerful. That is probably good news to Big Blue’s core customer base of large corporations, which are increasingly drowning in digital information from both the Web and the physical world. A good portion of that data is already derived from and running on I.B.M. technology.

I.B.M.’s offerings include an easier way to load corporate data into an I.B.M. machine and produce analysis quickly; an analysis “accelerator,” which can speed the production of analytics reports, I.B.M. says; and a Big Data “appliance,” or combination of hardware and software, that enables companies to posit questions, then have them answered automatically when the appropriate data comes along.

Bob Picciano, General Manager for IBM's Information Management business, highlights the type of performance improvement that will now be possible, such as running queries that might previously have taken two days in only three minutes.  The article cites just one example of this type of improvement:  "A customer cited by I.B.M., BNSF Railway, was said to have had a 100-fold improvement and a 90 percent drop in data storage consumption using the new technologies."

You can read the full article at the link below, and check back in here for further updates throughout the day.