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Now *this* is what social marketing is all about

Fan posts video, company responds.  Oh yeah, company responds with Tiger Woods.

From Steve Rubel, who sums it up better than I could:

This video response is brilliant marketing on the part of Electronic Arts and Tiger Woods. A fan posted on YouTube that it's possible for Woods to hit a golf ball in Tiger Woods 08 while walking on water. How does Tiger react? By showing how it's done and promoting Tiger Woods 09 in the process. It shows they listen and bring in the big guns to engage. (via John Porcaro)

Posted yesterday - 26,000 views already.  I bet it has plenty more than that by the time we wake up in the morning.

***Update - 8/21:  Following up on my comment above - the video had 26,000 views as of 8:15 pm ET last night, and 270,000 views as of 10:00 am ET this morning ***