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Now on SlideShare: Optim highlights

One of the things I'm trying to do is get more (or maybe I should say at least some) of our Data Management presentations onto SlideShare.  We've got some good material here, and I want to share it!

First up:  Some "sparkler" highlights about Optim - primarily key press and customer quotes.  I'll have more presentations like this one for our other products available shortly.

There were some quotes in particular that stood out for me:
  • "The time to complete the 19,000 daily batch processes was reduced by about 75 percent, from 250 hours to only 65 hours" - Toshiba
  • "The Optim Solution for PeopleSoft Enterprise enabled us to safely archive 40 percent of our production data and improve overall application performance by more than 40 percent. Our time and labor processing experienced a 63 percent improvement, billing 57 percent and accounts receivable processing better than 50 percent." - Volt Information Sciences
For complete case studies and more on our Optim solutions, you can of course visit the Optim homepage on


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