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Notes 8.5 wish list

One of the things I find myself doing many, many, many times a day is saving an attachment from Notes to my hard drive, and then navigating in file manager to that file to launch it locally (so when I make edits or changes as a work in progress, it's already in it's final location).  

What I really want is something like Firefox's download capabilitiy (or the Download Status Bar), so I can with a click open the file locally from the location I saved it to.  Is there no way to do this with one of those newfangled Notes 8.5 widgets or sidebars or something?  Does the location I specify to save the file from the dialog box get passed back to Notes?  Any suggestions out there?

*** Update 2 ***

I added this to LinkJam IdeaJam.  Vote it up if you agree, but in the mean time, please do send me any immediate suggestions you may have. (I'm having trouble getting embedding to work - here's a direct link to the idea.)