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News from IOD EMEA 2009

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicThe IOD EMEA conference is taking place this week in Berlin, and we're starting to see the announcements and news that are coming out of the conference.  IBM issued a string of press releases earlier today, highlighting a number of initiatives and detailing specific examples of organizations seeing the benefits of applying analytics, managing streams of data, performing faster development and migrations, and seeing the benefits of IBM's "No Paper Weight" drive.  (See further down for highlights and links).

In addition to the formal news, it's been great to see the activity taking place online.  The event organizers have really kicked up the social media involvement this year.  If you're at the event, you can leave comments about specific sessions over on the IOD 2009 blog (or if you're not there, you can read up on it), and the @IOD2009 Twitter account has been very active, providing updates from the conference and retweeting relevant posts.  They have also set up a common hashtag nomenclature (for example #TSB1909 - no dash 3 characters + session number) for each session to make it easy to post and follow discussions for a given session.

There was a bunch of buzz online yesterday about the pokens that were given out to all attendees.  I'll be interested in seeing the feedback afterwards; it seems like a great idea for a conference, and hopefully will help make the task of networking or finding information from exhibitors easier.

Anyway... back to the news.

In addition to advancements and new products around business intelligence, integrated data management, stream computing, and enterprise content management (more on each of these below), we announced continued momentum in companies looking to IBM for help in creating and adopting an information agenda.  IBM also announced new industry and analytics models for the Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Government sectors, which will help organizations make better use of their information while minimizing the time and risk involved in the rollouts of new solutions and applications.

Since the launch of Information Agenda less than eight months ago, IBM has already engaged with more than 400 clients, helping them put information at the center of their business processes. Meanwhile, IBM has also conducted some 350 industry-specific Information Agenda workshops this year to help clients define their information strategy.

The announcement last month of InfoSphere Streams included a number of cases where organizations were pushing beyond the limits of what has been possible in terms of analyzing data in real time.  The announcement today with Uppsala University and the Swedish Institute of Space Physics follows along similar lines, as they look to analyze 6 gigabytes of data per second to better understand "space weather."
IBM (NYSE:  IBM) and Uppsala University and the Swedish Institute of Space Physics announced today a major new Stream Computing project to analyze massive volumes of information in real time to better understand "space weather." By using IBM InfoSphere Streams to analyze data from sensors that track high frequency radio waves, endless amounts of data can be captured and analyzed on the fly. Over the next year, this project is expected to perform analytics on at least 6 gigabytes per second or 21,600 gigabytes per hour - the equivalent of all the Web pages on the Internet.

DHL Worldwide is seeing some dramatic results from their use of Cognos; see the full press release for more detailed examples of all the different ways they are using the product and the benefits they are realizing.  
IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that DHL Worldwide, the market leader in the global air and ground express industry, is using IBM analytics software to help transform its global business operations and drive customer relationship profitability at its DHL Express Germany and DHL Call Forwarding North America divisions. The new intelligence system from IBM allows DHL to analyze more than 30 million customer records in just seconds vs. hours while drastically reducing its system maintenance costs.

One of the updated products announced today, Optim Development Studio, provides a common environment for Oracle Database users to simply drag and drop data between Oracle Database and DB2.  There were several other products and tool announcements today (including Optim Query Tuner for DB2 - a new product, and updates to InfoSphere Data Architect, Optim Development Studio, Optim pureQuery Runtime, and Optim Database Administrator (the last three were formerly Data Studio Developer, Data Studio pureQuery Runtime, and Data StudioAdministrator). Be sure to read more about all of these announcements over on the Data Studio blog and in the press release.
Israel-based ExactCost, an Healthcare IT solutions provider, recently migrated to DB2 9.7 from Oracle Database eighty percent faster than original estimates, saving two and a half months with Optim Development Studio. As a result, ExactCost was able to focus on their business objectives of improving performance and patient healthcare. In addition, ExactCost used Optim Development Studio for both Oracle Database and DB2 data-driven applications development, allowing a seamless integration across different platforms.

We also shared details of organizations seeing the benefits of IBM's "No Paper Weight" initiative, which is aimed at helping organizations "cut costs caused by the paper burden, reduce risks by relying on paper less, rescue information trapped in paper processes and eliminate unnecessary waste."  One such example is financial services company VR Kreditwerk:
Using IBM technology, VR Kreditwerk, a German-headquartered financial services company, was able decrease their paper consumption by automating businesses processes and more efficiently managing and transmitting approximately 20,000 documents per day. With a new automated process in place, they were able to cut the time to process a loan document from one day to one hour, increase the security of their information and maintain high standards for client satisfaction and quality of service, while continuing to meet regulatory compliance demands.

I'll look to post additional links and coverage over the course of the conference, and in the mean time would love to hear feedback from anyone who may be in attendance (I wasn't able to make the trip over for the conference myself this year).


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