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IOD News Roundup

Just a short post to try to pull together news coverage of some of the key announcements made at the IOD conference today and press releases out of Las Vegas.  I'll try to go through tomorrow and provide some more detail and color behind the announcements.

News coverage:

InformationWeek:  IBM Introduces 'Information On Demand' Products

The IOD business, which was "a gleam in our eyes 2-1/2 years ago," has brought 10,000 new customers and 2,000 new partners to IBM in that time, Goyal said in an interview.

It's been a huge investment. IBM has spent at least $7 billion on 19 acquisitions for its IOD vision (including Cognos, Ascential, and FileNet), and has spent an additional $1 billion each year on growing the business organically, Goyal said.

While IBM hasn't provided enough details to determine just how well that investment is paying off, it appears there is healthy demand for its IOD products. In its third quarter ended Sept. 30, IBM reported that IOD revenue was up 26% over the same period the previous year (it didn't provide a revenue dollar amount). That's more than double the 12% growth in sales for all IBM software....

IDG (via NY Times);  IBM spends billions on information management

Businesses are investing enormous amounts of money to build intelligence around physical assets, and need better ways to make sense of all the information they've collected, Mills said. Moreover, Mills said that 75% of the world's data comes from replication of existing information. "Think of the cost of replicating information over and over again to all sorts of servers and storage devices," Mills said. "It's a huge opportunity to gain efficiencies."

IDG (via NY Times):  IBM set to discuss 'Information Agenda'

eWeek:  IBM Expands Information On Demand Software Portfolio

Intelligent Enterprise:  IBM's On Demand Push: Greater Than Sum of Parts

echannelLine:  IBM sets info agenda with IOD announcements

Press Releases:
IBM Launches Software and Services to Help Clients Create an Information Agenda for Better Business Outcomes
IBM Expands Integrated Data Management Initiative to Support Heterogeneous Application and Database Environments
IBM Advances InfoSphere Integrated Platform for Trusted Information on Demand
IBM Announces Industry’s First Universal Database Cache
IBM Unveils Software to Help Clients Manage Content, Process and Compliance
McKesson Health Solutions and IBM to Deliver Business Intelligence Solutions to Health Plans