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News Coverage of DB2 pureScale Announcement

A quick roundup of news coverage and analyst comments from last week's DB2 pureScale announcement.

CIO: IBM calls new DB2 grid feature an Oracle 'Exadata-killer'
"This is an Exadata-killer, in the sense that it is much more economical and scalable," said Bernie Spang, director of product strategy for IBM's information management division, in an interview.
Merv Adrian, an analyst with IT Strategy, calls the pureScale announcement a "well-timed shot across the bow."

Datamation: IBM DB2 Upgrade Targets Oracle
"DB2 pureScale on Power Systems helps clients grow their IT infrastructure more reliably and economically than ever before to meet today’s business needs. This addition to the IBM portfolio complements DB2 on System z, the only platform that provides greater scalability and availability and which remains the undisputed leader in database systems," said Arvind Krishna, general manager of the Information Management unit at IBM.

NetworkWorld: IBM looks to improve transaction processing
"Spang added that PureScale was capable of delivering exceptionally high levels of efficiency "At 64 nodes we expect to be delivering over 90 percent," he contrasted that with Oracle, which he said would deliver about 60 percent."

Techworld: IBM looks to improve transaction processing
DB2 pureScale also reduces the amount of communications required within the system, also helping to preserve computing power. "The software cost for the server will be less than the competition," said Spang, but thanks to power savings the total system cost is much less, he said.

ZDNet Blogs:  IBM launches 'pureScale': Front runs Oracle's database attack
"In many respects, IBM’s move is an answer to Oracle’s Exadata effort. Increasingly hardware and databases will be bundled together and optimized for peak horsepower. IBM notes that DB2 pureScale improved productivity by more than 80 percent in a test with 100 Power servers. How? DB2 pureScale cuts the communications back and forth within the system to lower computing power."