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New Informix Blog - Informix Voices

I was very pleased to see a new Informix blog show up in my Google Alerts, authored by Informix Marketing Manager Cathy Elliott.  (And this is the first time I'm seeing a blog on the new MyDeveloperWorks site.  Lotus friends - does that platform look familiar?)

I really like the approach that Cathy is taking with the blog, as is indicative by the title - "Informix Voices"

Welcome to the new 'Informix Voices' blog! This blog will contain interviews from Informix voices from around the world, and will include pointers to the other Informix news and happenings.

Cathy has posted a number of updates from the 2009 International Informix User Group Conference going on this week (and be sure to head over to PlanetIDS for all of the updates), and you can also follow Cathy on Twitter.  

Please head over and join me in welcoming Cathy to the blogosphere!


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