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New Sametime Recorded Demos

So... you've watched the Sametime video on YouTube, you've watched the Real-Time. Right Now launch webcast or attended one of the live events.  And you've viewed this flash demo to see Sametime in a real-world environment.  But still, you're sitting there saying "Just let me see Sametime in action."  

Maybe you want to give a demo to your manager or a coworker (or a spouse - I've actually been contacted a few times in the past week regarding spouses of IBMers who want more information about Sametime for their own company).  Or maybe you want to really get a close up look at Sametime in use.  Well, now our demo team has posted something for you, too.  These new recorded demos of Sametime 7.5 Instant Messaging and Sametime 7.5 Web conferencing (we split them up because showing even the highlights of the features made for a 8-10 min. demo, and we decided that was a little long) do just that - show you Sametime in use (and they can be viewed online or downloaded).

I know we've been talking a lot about IM, with the new client and new platform capabilities, but if that's all you've really seen so far, I'd highly recommend spending a few minutes looking at the Web conferencing demo.  Seeing the improvements in UI and updates in functionality really helps you appreciate how much easier it is to use and how much more intuitive it is than Sametime has ever been before.

 Lotus Sametime 7.5 Flash Demo