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New Sametime 7.5 flash demo available

We just posted a new Sametime 7.5 flash demo to the updated Sametime homepage.  It's designed to not just highlight the capabilities of Sametime, but to do so using a realistic business example as a backdrop.  If you've got people in your organization who are still questioning the business value of IM or Web conferencing, here's a good conversation starter.

Find it here:

Disclaimer:  The demo is behind a registration page.  Before the discussion gets going:
1.        Yes, I know it's possible to go grab the URL for the final landing page and bypass registration.  Although I'm guessing anyone reading a blog that might post such a URL would know how to pro-actively find us if they were interested in more information.
2.        Yes, people do register.  The previous Sametime 7.5 demo has over 8,000 registrations, making it the most popular download so far this year by a factor of 2x.
3.        Yes, we do follow up with calls to people who register and check off that they'd like to be contacted.  We're still working our way through all the registrations, and if you asked for a call and didn't receive one yet, please e-mail me at adam @ and I'll make sure someone follows up with you.
4.        Yes, these follow-up calls are effective from a sales and marketing standpoint.