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New Netezza Appliances Helps Communications Services Providers

You might not think about it often, there's a flip-side to the convenience that you and I receive from carrying around now-ubiquitous mobile devices.  As the number of Smartphones is expected to quadruple over the next 4 years, reaching 2 billion devices by 2015, the communication services providers (CSPs) that connect those devices and route all the data to and from them are being placed under more and more pressure to maintain service levels, offer new capabilities, and still maintain their profitability.

To help them with that challenge, IBM today announced the IBM Netezza Network Analytics Accelerator, which will allow CSPs to analyze customer data, calling plans and contract terms to better understand their customers, improve retention and offer new services.

LAS VEGAS - 25 Oct 2011: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a new network intelligence analytics appliance to help communications services providers (CSPs) analyze up to petabytes of customer and network data in minutes. The new appliance gives CSPs the power to turn their data into valuable insights to enhance the customer experience, secure new customers, generate cost savings, and track the overall health of the network.

CSPs are challenged to boost revenue and keep costs low at a time when customers are demanding more data-intensive products and services. The explosion of Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices means consumers can do just about anything on the go, from checking the weather to watching movies, and posting to Twitter or Facebook while downloading music. This digital lifestyle has consumers crunching ever-growing amounts of data for browsing, streaming video, gaming, and social networking, placing a strain on network resources.  

The IBM Netezza Network Analytics Accelerator addresses this issue and provides an analytics platform that CSPs can use to improve network performance and gain insights on customer experiences. Using the new appliance, CSPs can slice and dice customer data to analyze calling plans and contract terms to see which are driving revenue, understand how each customer is using voice and data packages and the impact on network resources, and spot new market opportunities by learning how customers use different types of handsets.
Most network analytic offerings only look at specific systems or network devices, retain certain information for a short amount of time, and have limited reporting capabilities and rigid data access. This inhibits a CSP's ability to identify patterns and trends or ask questions on-the-fly. Netezza analytics can view all customer data and speed up the flow for instant analysis on demand.

Press Release:  IBM Launches Netezza Appliance to Help Communications Services Providers Analyze Networks and Gain Consumer Insight