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New Lotus Sametime Wiki

In case you missed the announcement over on the Sametime Forum in the post-Lotusphere haze, the Information Delivery team has launched a new wiki for Lotus Sametime.

Welcome to the IBM Lotus Sametime Wiki where you can find information and comment on Lotus Sametime deployments, scenarios, cool features, hints, and tip. The wiki belongs to you -- members of the Lotus Sametime community. We welcome users, administrators, application developers, solutions architects -- anyone with an interest in the Lotus Sametime experience. We invite you to leave a comment, create a page, suggest a page -- in short, consider sharing your experiences with Lotus Sametime so others may benefit. 

To start us off, the Sametime wiki contains Lotus Sametime Gateway deployment scenarios from IBM. You will find tested Sametime deployment configurations that include recommendations for using Lotus Sametime Gateway in a production environment. Each configuration scenario includes usage profiles, deployment topologies, hardware specifications, links to instructions, and additional notes and tips.

Watch this wiki for other Lotus Sametime deployment scenarios that are coming soon, including Lotus Sametime Advanced!

Go check it out, and don't be shy about contributing!