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New iPod + old PC = Bad News?

The boys and I got my wife one of those fancy new iPod Nanos for her birthday today (Happy Birthday again, honey).  So, bright and early (well, at least early), I fired up our home PC to try to get some music on for her before she headed off for work.  (Yes, she had to work today.  On Sunday.  On her birthday.  Oh, and did I mention that the upstairs air conditioning went out, so we were all camped out on the family room floor for the night?  Anyway...)

I fired up the old home laptop and downloaded the latest version of iTunes,  Problem 1:  after downloading it I'm presented with a message that iTunes 7.4.2 requires Windows XP or Vista.  We're still running Windows 2000  (which, on our 6-year old ThinkPad, is still more than adequate for web browsing, web mail, and the lightweight Word and PowerPoint that my wife needs for work.)

No problem, though - I quickly find that iTunes 7.3.2 is available for Windows 2000, and since I'm not doing anything like downloading ringtones to her Nano, figure we're good.  I get iTunes 7.3.2 up and running, plug in the iPod... and promptly run into Problem 2:  apparently I can't synch the new iPod Nano with anything under iTunes 7.4

So - my plea for help... any suggestions for how either to get around the installer telling me I have the wrong OS... or connecting the Nano into an older version of iTunes?

(And before you get started - telling me to buy a Mac doesn't count, and I'd really like not to have to upgrade to XP just to synch the iPod.)

[Update:  11/20/2007 - I finally got around to looking into Anapod (suggested in the comments) in detail, and it turns out that while it does support Windows 2000, it does not yet support the 3g Nano.  I looked briefly around the Web for other programs, but it seems that Apple is trying to keep you from using non-iTunes applications to access the newer iPods, and I just haven't had the time to figure out what might work vs. what might break the iPod]