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New Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition accelerates warehouse queries up to 100X

The Informix team is making some notable announcements today, namely the release of Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition, with includes the Informix Warehouse Accelerator that can accelerate warehouse queries up to 100x, and Informix Genero, which provides an intuitive user interface for modeling applications and lets you deploy them across multiple environments.

Informix Product Manager Rajesh Nair shares the details on the warehouse announcement (including 8x10 color glossy photos charts) over on his blog.

 The IBM Informix Ultimate Warehouse offering is all about  bringing extreme performance enhancements to Informix warehouse workloads using breakthrough warehouse acceleration technology. Yup I know that is a mouthful. But hold your questions right there!
First let me delve into the packaged contents of this offering before we get into the details. The offering is basically a brand new edition that consists of :
  • Informix Ultimate Edition 11.70xC2 (our legendary engine)
  • Informix Warehouse Accelerator (with Smart Analytics Studio)
  • Informix Storage Optimization Feature (aka Informix Compression)
The key component of this offering is the Informix Warehouse Accelerator. This technology based on ground-breaking IBM research, allows you to load your data mart (against which you run your queries), completely into memory in a compressed format. Further in-memory data organization and access utilizes a deep columnar approach. Queries can be run, quite often, without having to de-compress the data in memory. What does this all mean ? Queries in many cases get an order of magnitude or more performance gains. We have several extra-ordinary performance results from some of our early validation program customers. A majority of these customers saw performance improvements of two orders of magnitude on their queries - 100-300 times - that's right "times" is the operating word here!! Other customers saw gains of 10-100 times. And the best part of all - no changes required to your BI apps running against Informix! Informix Warehouse Accelerator is highly optimized for the Linux Intel platform and must be run a system that meets these requirements.

Click through for more details on how it all works.

In related news, we'd like to invite you to join us for an InformationWeek  webcast on April 14th titled "Combining OLTP and Extreme Data Warehouse Performance."  The webcast will feature Fred HoProgram Director, Informix, IBM and Lester Knutsen, President and Owner, Advanced DataTools Corporation.

This live webcast will discuss market trends that are driving new technological solutions for managing data warehouse growth. It will provide insight into different approaches for achieving cost-effective warehouse scalability and performance. Finally, it will present the newest IBM Informix warehouse acceleration technology that optimizes demanding workloads and query performance, enabling the cost-effective combination of OLTP and warehouse workloads on a single platform for extreme performance.

Combining OLTP and Extreme Data Warehouse Performance
Date: Thursday, April 14, 2011
Time: 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET
Duration: 60 Minutes