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New IBM Software Helps Analyze The World’s Data For Healthcare Transformation

If you attended this morning's general session at IOD (or caught it on Livestream), you would have heard several speakers talk about healthcare as a focus for the first real-world application for Watson.

Today comes the announcement (New IBM Software Helps Analyze The World's Data For Healthcare Transformation) of new software to help the healthcare industry improve patient care and reduce costs by applying content analytics software similar to what's found in the Jeopardy-playing Watson.

Seton Healthcare Family is the first client to adopt and use the technology, called IBM Content and Predictive Analytics for Healthcare. The solution will allow healthcare organizations to extract relevant clinical information from vast amounts of patient data to better analyze the past, understand the present, and predict future outcomes.

By combining IBM's Watson technology with industry solutions offerings, Seton intends to focus the new content and predictive analytics solution on the root causes of hospital readmissions, and ways it can decrease preventable multiple hospital visits.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, one in five patients suffer from preventable readmissions, which represents $17.4 billion of the current $102.6 billion Medicare budget.* Beginning in 2012, hospitals will be penalized for high readmission rates with reductions in Medicare discharge payments.

Press Release:  New IBM Software Helps Analyze The World's Data For Healthcare Transformation