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New DeveloperWorks article: Creating a Sametime 7.5 plugin update site

A new article has been added to the fast-growing Sametime library over on DeveloperWorks:  Creating an update site for your IBM Lotus Sametime Connect plug-ins

In a worldwide organization, it is not pragmatic to send out a technician to install software updates. Fortunately, IBM Lotus Sametime V7.5, built on the Eclipse platform, allows you to leverage update sites, which allow Lotus Sametime Connect V7.5 to retrieve updates from a centralized location.

In this article, we take you through the full process of creating an update site for your Sametime plug-ins. You learn how an update site provides a method for delivering new features and feature updates to your Sametime clients. We show you how to create a simple plug-in that places a button on the Lotus Sametime Connect's action bar. We use the Sametime client’s Update Manager to pull this plug-in from an update site that we also create. We also show you how to retrieve an update for an existing plug-in.

Go take a look!