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New blog series on running SAP on IBM DB2 for System i

If you are running (or are thinking about running) SAP on DB2, you'll probably want to check out this new blog series over on SAP's SDN.

This blog might be interesting for you if you are running SAP on IBM DB2 for i. If you have never heard about IBM i, perhaps you know the operating system and the integrated database under one of its former names like OS/400 or i5/OS. SAP and IBM formed a joint team to enable SAP's products to run on IBM i more than 10 years ago and nowadays this joint team is based at SAP's central location in Germany and in Rochester, Minnesota where IBM's development center for IBM i is located.

In the development and support team we see topics from time to time that might interest users of SAP on IBM i. Therefore we decided to start a blog series with news from the development team. We would like to present some background information, give some configuration advice and establish a direct contact between users and development.

In this first edition of the news from development blog I would like to give some ideas about how to find relevant information here in the SDN.

Link:  SAP on DB2 for IBM i - news from development