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New Analytics YouTube Channel and Profile of DC Water

Today marks the launch of a new YouTube Channel for IBM analytics.  Along with serving as a one-stop-shop for all things related to IBM analytics, the site will feature a series of videos focused on client stories.  

First up is a profile of DC Water, the water and sewer authority for Washington, DC.  DC Water is using IBM predictive analytics software integrated with a mapping application to better manage the city's aging water and sewer systems, which serves 1.6 million people and involves hundreds of miles of pipes and mains, some of which date back to the Lincoln administration.

The authority has replaced its paper-based processes with a software-based approach that lets them keep track of weather conditions, maintenance, and hundreds of other variables to spot potential problems, such as water main breaks, before they happen.  The new system also lets them do things like share the real-time status of more than 9,000 public fire hydrants with the Fire Department so they will know the level of water flow to expect even before they arrive at a fire scene.

Please watch the video for more on this great story, and be sure to subscribe to the IBM Analytics channel for updates as they get posted.