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New advertising: Hiring the right people and increasing retention up to 43%

Below is a new ad highlighting IBM's work helping companies build a Smarter Workforce that started airing yesterday during the US Open tennis tournament on CBS, ESPN and the Tennis Channel.  It will continue to run in the US through early September, with appearances in other countries expected in the next month or two.

Transcript:  If you were an animal, which one would you be?  With interview questions like these, it's no wonder companies hire the wrong person almost half the time.  Today, smarter enterprises are increasing retention up to 43% by using data and analytics that help them better understand the right characteristics for each job and find the right person to do it. -- Voice of Jonathan Ferrar, Social Business, IBM

The theme of the ad centers on the importance of identifying and hiring the right candidates into your business.  There have been a lot of advancements in the role technology can play in this process.  You can learn more about them in the sponsored content available on (Power of a Smarter Workforce), and in an upcoming Twitter chat hosted by Jonathan Ferrar, whose work was featured in the ad above:

Twitter Chat: Hiring for Fit September 6 @ 1 pm ET
Host: Jonathan Ferrar @jaferrar Follow #IBMSWChat on Twitter to participate

Click through to learn more about building a smarter workforce.