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My first post on the "Future of Enterprise Computing" blog

I was recently asked to be a contributor to IBM's relatively new "Future of Enterprise Computing" blog, and my first post is now live  (Integrating Healthcare Data to Improve Population Health)

Here's a little more about the site:

The world of large scale, enterprise computing is changing by the minute. Innovations such as Cloud Computing, Enterprise Modernization and Virtualization are paving the way for the computing industry as we know it today.  But with advances in large scale computing becoming increasingly as complex as the business issues they are designed to solve, how does one keep up?

Enter in the Future of Enterprise Computing. Through this site, we will be aggregating conversations and computing news from around the web related to Enterprise Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Data Warehousing, Green IT and others to help you gain a greater sense of the innovations shaping the future of large scale computing.

My post is in the "interrupt" category; other topics include Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Modernization, General Mainframe, and Sustainable IT, among others.

You'll likely see posts from me every couple of weeks, and if you haven't paid the site a visit yet, please do give it a look. (And, as always, I'm curious for any feedback on it).

Link:  Integrating Healthcare Data to Improve Population Health