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My First Mashup

So I'm 45 minutes into a meeting with the InfoSphere Mashup marketing team, and they called me out.  

"Adam, can I ask you a question?  Be honest... have you created a mashup yet?"

[guilty voice]"Ummm, noooo...."

Okay, they caught me.  Sorry, guys.

But fortunately, thanks to the Lotus Greenhouse, this is a situation that is easily remedied.  In fact, so easy that before the end of the meeting I was able to change my answer to an enthusiastic "yes."

In fact, it was so easy to do that in the interest of time (and multitasking), I was able to skip over the getting started tutorial and introductory demo for Lotus Mashups, and dive right in and still figure things out.

So without further ado - My First Mashup:  Taking their sample customer list and wiring it to the Accuweather widget to automatically show the weather at the headquarters for the customer I selected.

Image:My First Mashup

Image:My First Mashup

Even the wiring process includes step-by-step instructions:
Image:My First Mashup

And like I said, that was a real quick-and-dirty one.

Next I headed over to the InfoSphere MashupHub, where this time I did follow one of their samples to create a mashup that shows insurance policy holders who live in areas under weather advisory alerts.  As above, it really couldn't be easier, and I plan to go back and spend some time exploring the other data and mashups that have been created (and maybe look to upload some data of my own).

Image:My First Mashup

So, now that I've gotten that off my chest, it's my turn to ask all of you:

"Be honest... have YOU created your first mashup yet?"