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Must See TV - 16 new videos on ChannelDB2

If you've been following PlanetDB2 like I have (or are a regular on ChannelDB2), you've likely seen a lot of videos coming through in the past few weeks.  In fact, it actually looks like there have been 16 videos posted since the week of the IOD conference.  While that's far too many to embed here, you can find them all in one place by heading over to ChannelDB2.

You'll find a wide range posted, ranging from captured clips from the IOD Keynotes to interviews with DB2 customers, advocates, and executives.  Personally, what I found really compelling are the interviews.  

For example, you can hear Paul Turpin from Wachovia explain how his company uses DB2.

In this clip, Bashir Khan explains why Dow Jones chose DB2.

And here you can find a number of perspectives about how easy it is to learn DB2

Other videos include IBM VP Curt Cotner discussing future trends, and IDUG president (and Data Champion) Julian Stuhler discussing DB2's ease of use, compression capabilities, and his experiences working with IDUG.

My thanks to Rav, Jenny, Linda and everyone else involved in filming, editing and posting these videos.  And something tells me we're not done yet!

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