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MTOTD: It’s Too Quiet Up There

"It's too quiet up there."  

Anyone with kids has undoubtedly uttered this phrase at some point.

Kids playing peacefully and quietly aren't really quiet.  Truly deafening silence can only mean one thing - trouble.  (And we're always amazed at how early in life this rule applies.  Upon exploring one particularly quiet moment in the family room, we discovered that our 12-month-old had completed the job of emptying all of the components of his changing table onto the floor and had moved on to, well, exploring, the vasoline jar he had pried open.)

Here's a marketing thought for the day:  Are your customers too quiet?  Of course, it may mean that they're perfectly happy with everything you're doing.  If so, great job.  But it may also mean that they're so done with you they're not even going to bother complaining any more... they're just out shopping for alternatives.

Are you keeping in touch with your customers?  Are you listening to them?  And most importantly, are you drawing out feedback when they're not forthcoming on their own?

Just like in parenting, sometimes you need to go poke your head in the room and check things out.  


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