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More than 100 SAP clients have moved to DB2 in the last six months

Earlier this week IBM issued a press release highlighting a growing number of businesses that are choosing to run their SAP deployment on the DB2 database.

Two such companies are U.S.-based Coca-Cola Bottling Co. and Rossi Residencial of Brazil, both of whom recently upgraded to the latest versions of SAP applications and switched to IBM DB2. As stated in the press release, "These companies have been able to reduce their IT costs by 35 percent and improve efficiency by 65 percent while shifting their focus to delivering the business analytics capabilities needed to make smarter business decisions. "

Arvind Krishna, the general manager for IBM's information management software, explained why they are able to see such gains:

"Numerous clients worldwide running SAP applications on DB2 software have benefited from our collaborative relationship," said Arvind Krishna, general manager of IBM Information Management software. "Many of the DB2 features that were jointly developed by IBM and SAP specifically for SAP environments have resulted in outstanding performance and lower costs for companies of all sizes."

Another company seeing benefits of this move is Neusoft, a Shenyang, China-based company that specializes in software that helps hospitals manage their patient information more effectively; helps doctors make accurate diagnoses; and maintains a public health information system to prevent and control the spread of disease.   They explain just how easy it was to complete the migration:
"The latest release of DB2 9.7 and its Oracle Database compatibility features drastically reduced the time it took migrating these critical core healthcare applications," said Jian Yuankun, director of healthcare industry development for Neusoft. "It just took five days to move data from Oracle Database to DB2 9.7." The original estimate was more than three months.