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More on the Dept. of Defense’s Sametime contract

We had a very interesting meeting with members of the team involved in the Dept. of Defense contract for Sametime this morning.  While they're working on getting more specifics on the deal that can be shared publicly (and I will post here as soon as they become available), there has been some additional news coverage that I wanted to pass along.  

This article in particular raised some good points on the value DISA expects to see in providing a single solution across organizational boundaries, instead of the multiple, disconnected ad-hoc solutions that had sprung up:

“Until now, collaboration tools tended to be local enclave solutions, or at best limited to a single service or command,” said Rebecca Harris, NCES program director for DISA. “An enterprise solution provides additional capability by enabling communication across organizational boundaries.”

She went on to comment on another important aspect of the deal, which is the value they see in using an existing software product (along with pre-existing extensions via IBM business partners) rather than needing to cobble together multiple solutions or attempting to custom-build something:

“Secondly, since DISA has contracted to utilize an existing commercial service, we expect the capabilities to be available to our customers almost immediately,” she said.

And one more thing I thought was worth noting - in addition to getting these tools into the hands of personnel in the field, they are also looking at promoting telecommuting across the DOD:

Although DOD awarded the contract to bring enterprisewide collaboration tools to support warfighters who are deployed globally, an auxiliary benefit will promote telecommuting across DOD, [IBM's Linda] Marshall added.

Additional information:


    Carl | Website: | 7/27/2006 11:10:37 AM GMT

    It's all very exciting!

    Tim Latta | Website: | 7/28/2006 10:38:31 AM GMT

    Yes, all very exciting aspects of a nice win for IBM (and Sametime).

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