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More on executive blogging strategy

Speaking of executive blogging, I just came across this post by Valeria Maltoni, writing on the 10th anniversary of the ClueTrain manifesto (via Connie Bensen writing at Social Media Today):  

This kind of conversation is a commitment, not a savings account for your marketing spend. When I speak about social media, the tools and dynamics, I often say that they are the container, the context in which you get to:
  • engage
  • educate
  • entertain
The fourth "E" is emotion, the human quality that is memorable because it touches us. While blogs and other social media seem (and often are) extemporaneous, they do allow you to show the personality of your business. Your personality is still what differentiates you from your competitors - and, after years of industrial age treatment, what makes you likeable. Before you develop a relationship with your customers, you thus have the chance to:
  • encourage participation (yours and theirs) with engagement
  • show your passion with education
  • ask for permission through entertainment
Those are as solid as the classic four P's of marketing - product, place, price, promotion.

In my previous post on executive blogging, I probably didn't talk enough about authenticity, but I think it is a really essential part of blogging.  In my mind, it's tied tightly with the emotion element that Valeria refers to above.  It's what distinguishes a blog from a page on a corporate website listing press clippings or product announcements.

Link:  Valeria Maltoni:  The ClueTrain Manifesto