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A Little Microsoft FUD

You know, I always feel bad for executives when their team fails to prep them properly. While I was on vacation, a few people sent notes pointing to Mteto Nyati's comments in ITWeb. Mr. Nyati is the Managing Director of Microsoft SA and had this to say:

As for IBM, he said: "We need to make sure the customers of IBM are liberated from Lotus Notes. Just by moving across they will feel so liberated, and start enjoying things like unified communications." (emphasis added)
I'll leave it to Ed Brill to respond to the Notes slight in his own masterful way, but the comment suggests a basic lack of understanding about the unified communications market. Gartner's new Critical Capabilities Assessment for UC has just been published and IBM is right there at the top. Melanie Turek, of Frost & Sullivan, posted a nice overview of our offerings in No Jitter last month. Jim Burton also had a great piece for VoiceCon's UC eWeekly Online. It's not hard to see IBM is a leading vendor in the space and implying otherwise... well, it's just embarrassing. Who doesn't make it a point to know their competition?

Of course, I'm sure Mr. Nyati was just trying to make the point that email is a core component of unified communications and when paired with the right real time platform it can unlock incredible returns. And he's absolutely right. That's why in each of the last two years, 30% of new Sametime customers have been Exchange shops.