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Merv Adrian: A Tale Of Three Cities, and Oracle, Teradata and IBM Databases

Merv Adrian posts his thoughts on having spent October at Oracle, Teradata and IBM database events.  His one-line summary:  "Oracle took shots at IBM; Teradata put its successful customers on display; and IBM proposed ways to change the world for the better."

He expands on the approach of each company in a lot more detail in the post. On IBM, he writes:

IBM put an expanded Information Management leadership team on display to connect its story to the larger Smarter Planet message of the IBM Corporation. In this, they hit a home run. Steve Mills, Group Executive of the Software Group, waited until the second day to tell his story. Ambuj Goyal, General Manager, led off with a powerful message: IBM has spent $12B in the last few years acquiring, building (and steadily integrating) a portfolio of analytics software, 4000 consultants, the world’s largest private team of mathematicians dedicated to predictive analytics, and partners ready to drive information-led transformation. His colleague, Arvind Krishna, now also a GM with responsibility for the information platform (the data management products upon which the analytics depend) followed with a product story that includes new releases of databases, data integration, and other software that increasingly shares common elements for a more seamless integration across differing workloads and stewardship tasks. Mills returned the next day to build the link to the big picture, and he did it mostly through stories illustrating how customers are using IBM technologies to change the world – building new systems that pay for themselves with cost effectiveness and savings while delivering on the higher vision of the Smart Planet initiative.

I found his comments on IBM's tone interesting (and accurate) as well:
IBM resolutely avoided direct comparisons or attacks on its competition, even when specifically challenged to do so during executive Q&A sessions; its topline story was IBM’s increasing use of business process templates and industry models to accelerate time to value.

And here are his closing comments on IBM:
IBM, who grew database revenue in both Linux and Unix in 2008 according to Gartner, is lightyears ahead in defining an information-led transformation story based on a growing ability to drive improved information governance, and they have invested hugely in it as a strategic bet.

Merv was one of the speakers at the conference, as well - you can find my notes on his portion of the Day 3 General Session here, and I'd encourage you to check out his full post to see his perspective on Oracle, Teradata, and IBM.

Link:  A Tale Of Three Cities, and Oracle, Teradata and IBM Databases


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