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Meeting unmet needs: Really Terrible Orchestra of the Triangle

Marketing is nothing if not identifying unmet needs and creating a way to meet them, right?  Well, call it fate.  No sooner did I write yesterday's post on my guilty pleasure of singing along badly to really good music, that I go to pick up my son at Karate and find this flyer on the wall:

Image:Meeting unmet needs:  Really Terrible Orchestra of the Triangle

(Full disclosure:  I used to play violin badly, too, but really don't expect to take it back up anytime soon.)

I don't know what I like better, the idea that they're actually bringing this forward, or that their website url is

More about the Really Terrible Orchestra of the Triangle:

Who are we? The Really Terrible Orchestra Of the Triangle exists to encourage those who have been prevented from playing music together with others, either through lack of talent or some other factor, to rehearse and perform in an ensemble of similarly afflicted players. From a humble beginning in May 2008, we have grown into a 75-piece symphony orchestra worthy of its role as one of the premiere cultural gems of the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill NC (USA) region known as the Research Triangle. Except that we’re pretty terrible. Terrible, in the French sense of Des Enfants Terribles ... in that while we haven’t made fun of Bach or Mozart yet, we certainly have had a naughty excursion or two with Strauss and Tchaikovsky.