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Marc Hebert: How to Deal with Data Cholesterol in your Enterprise Systems

I really love the analogy in the headline of this post from IBM Champion Marc Hebert (How to Deal with Data Cholesterol in your Enterprise Systems).  The concept of "Data Cholesterol" clogging up your enterprise systems is a very evocative one, and, just like the cholesterol that may be clogging up your blood vessels, there is something you can do about it.

Data cholesterol is a condition in which the excessive buildup of data leads to sluggishness across your systems. Just as too much cholesterol in the human body can lead to serious health problems, data cholesterol hinders the function of enterprise systems. It causes slower response times for customer service requests and report queries. It prolongs testing and reporting. It can even expose your organization to needless litigation.  Even mid-sized companies are amassing databases of over one terabyte that are growing at 30-70% each year.

Marc blogs over at, and you can learn more about his thoughts on the matter over there.  You can also read a first-hand account of how Estuate helped Travelport implement IBM Optim Test Data Management Solution, enabling them to create efficient test databases. You can read the full Travelport case study here.