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"Majority of SAP customers in India choose IBM DB2 over other platforms"

I always like turning on the computer and finding a piece like this in my Google Alert.  Titled "IBM DB2 gains momentum in SMB market," the article talks about the strong growth of DB2 in India, especially for companies running SAP.  

It highlights a number of examples of companies that have recently moved to DB2 - specifically for their SAP deployments - and the benefits in performance, reliability, and user satisfaction they are seeing as a result.

Many companies from various industry sectors such as manufacturing, industrial, automotive, chemicals and infrastructure are looking at deploying more sophisticated IT infrastructures. In fact, since IBM DB2 9 was launched last year, more than 100 enterprise customers worldwide have already chosen it over other database platforms to run their SAP applications - including SAP itself.  Increasingly, mid-market companies are realizing cost savings and performance benefits of SAP solutions on DB2 to manage internal operations including finance, project management, sales and purchasing.
Vijaya Krishna K.S, manager, Information Systems, Hindustan Motors, said, "We have experienced multiple benefits from migrating to IBM DB2. User satisfaction has increased with almost 10 times improvement in the performance. IBM DB2 provides excellent reliability, security and scalability and has helped us reduce administrative and maintenance expenses."

The article also highlights how well SAP on DB2 performs on benchmarking tests compared to other database platforms.
Certified benchmarks show that SAP runs significantly faster on DB2 than on alternative database platforms on comparable hardware. Through DB2 deep compression, clients have typically achieved reduced data storage of up 40 to 50 percent and improved throughput approaching 15 percent. Unique capabilities like the DB2 Database Partitioning Feature (DPF) and Multi Dimensional Clustering (MDC) offer customers a clear growth path, increasing scalability by enabling distribution of large SAP databases across several logical or physical partitions.

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