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Lotusphere session not accepted? How about an Un-Lotusphere?

Here's a random idea of the day:

My team and I have been working on some brainstorming around how to increase awareness and support for DB2 and Informix and the rest of our data management products.  One of the ideas put forth by a colleague was "Find a way to leverage all of the good presentations rejected for IOD."  

We all agreed this was an excellent idea and worth following up on, but more than that, seeing all of the acceptance (and regrettably some rejection) posts flying around PlanetLotus and Twitter this week makes me think this would be the perfect time for all of you in the Lotus community to jump on board with it, too.  (It's just a hunch, but I'm guessing it'll be easier to get something going on this while abstracts and sessions ideas are still relatively fresh in people's minds, vs. at a time when the conference has already taken place.)

So here's my proposal:  Hold an Un-Lotusphere with all of the sessions that didn't get accepted this year.

My guess is that many (if not most) of you who proposed sessions for Lotusphere either have a baseline presentation on the topic already put together, or have enough knowledge on the topic in your head that you could without too much difficulty put together a presentation of sufficient quality that it would be worth sharing and would add value for people who read it.  (And one of the bonuses of not delivering the session live? You don't have to worry if you would have come in under or over a fixed time limit.  Who cares if it's a 20-minute presentation and not a 60-minute presentation?)  

Take your presentation, upload it to SlideShare, and tag it UnLotusphere2009.
 Just because there physically aren't enough rooms along the Boardwalk or hours in the day over one week, it shouldn't mean that others shouldn't be able to benefit from your expertise and experience.

What do you think? (And who wants to run with this... I've got to head back to my day job now.  Anyone up for an Un-IOD? :-)

***Update - 11/14, 1:00pm ET - Please head and read Ben's post on this topic. He has some great suggestions regarding focusing this more on "supplemental" sessions rather than ones that didn't get accepted, and has created a post on IdeaJam, as well.***